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23 Things #2: Media Center 2.0

Posted on: February 15, 2008

The pace of change accelerates . Abram’s analogy of equating learning something new to exercise is perfect. Find time to exercise and learn! Search iTunes; listen to an informative podcast when you walk. Five minutes into this THING I’ve picked up some ideas. Learning by doing.

In Away from Icebergs Rick Anderson said ” it no longer makes sense to collect information products as if they were hard to get. They aren’t. In fact, it may no longer make sense to “collect” in the traditional sense at all. . . . we’ve seen a 55 percent drop in circulation rates over the past twelve years, making it harder and harder to justify the continued buildup of a large “just in case” print collection. ”

Our new high school media center and “revamped collection” are a perfect example as we discuss the best use of our funds. It makes sense to purchase more online subscriptions, web 2.0 tools, and lots of what the students do read–the hot teen lit and graphic novels. It’s tough to educate the patrons Rick Anderson speaks of when old technology sometimes makes it difficult to even get to the web 1.0 stuff. But there are glimmers of hope — and signs moving ahead. Our multiple labs, bistro tables, comfy seating and spacious setting are step 1. We see things change — and see the students learn with Google Maps and other tools unheard of when we planned the new media center . . .looking forward to media center 2.0 postings.


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