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Thing #8: Go Warriors

Posted on: March 25, 2008

I was so inspired by Leanna’s photo carousel (Learning 23 Things blog) I just had to try a photo carousel of my own using photos of WSU basketball games. Learning principle applied: We’re motivated to learn when it’s a topic we’re interested in!


4 Responses to "Thing #8: Go Warriors"

The carousel link works well. I don’t know why it doesn’t appear in your blog. I like the sparkle in these pictures. It’s very appropriate!

OK, now I’m frustrated! I can’t get Picture Trail to work in WordPress or Blogger. I created a new flick and tried my old one, and the code doesn’t work with either. I tried direct posting and copy/paste. It was so easy before! What happened??

Wierd!!! Well, maybe someone will see this and offer some ideas. I’m going to try it later with another type of slide show and see what happens. I searched the Word Press help but that didn’t help me!

Oh my, I found my post to Blogger. It ended up on my extended family blog, which also happens to be Blogger. I have no idea why though. It must have gone through with the automatic post that way as opposed to copying and pasting. I still don’t understand why the copy and paste method didn’t work like it did before since I’m sure that’s what I used.

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