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Leadership or Management

Posted on: October 13, 2009

In his October “Head for the Edge”  Column (LMC Connection) Doug Johnson addresses “Leadership or management.”   I related to his comments. For quite a while I’ve been thinking that all the emphasis on collaboration has left too many media specialists feeling guilty for not collaborating as much as they think should.  Many find fewer opportunities for collaboration working within the realm of NCLB; others are finding themselves stretched thinner and thinner with tech support or working in multiple buildings.

Can  the same can be said for the emphasis on leadership.    Do we feel guilty if we are not visible enough in our leadership role or recognized as leaders?      There still are a lot of good management skills needed to run a media center/program.  People won’t want to collaborate with you if you don’t know what resources (in any format) to suggest or where to find the resource. Teachers won’t want to use the media center if the scheduling is mishandled or equipment doesn’t work.  Management is not a dirty word.  Something else to think about.


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