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Being a guru in the “old days” was easier than today. . . .

Posted on: November 1, 2009

A tech savvy, energetic  student in the Innovations and Opportunities for Media Specialists class is frustrated with the pace of implementing web 2.0 tools in the curriculum. It looks like she is doing quite a lot already.  I’ve been  thinking about this myself, too. Why are so few teachers are adapting  2.0 tools or rushing to attend classes we’re offering.

When technology first entered schools  it was new to everyone &  there were many teachers eager to begin using it. (There were also quite a few who weren’t)  Everyone needed help, I was an early adapter & the principal wanted teachers to use technology, It was relatively easy become the building guru and help teachers implement new teaching tools.

Now the basics are in place but teachers  have to use technology for things such as grades, attendance, online lesson plans etc etc. Add in the challenges of budget problems and NCLB which means less time for fun stuff & more time spent on  meetings & data mining.   (I’ve been on the docket for weeks at a school’s faculty meeting this week; now the principal has asked me to be brief since the staff needs to discuss the school’s  AYP situation). But:

  • there are some teachers taking the classes we’re offering
  • there are a few teachers who are using web 2.0 tools such as Skype, Wikis, Google Docs and creating podcasts
  • most teachers in our district  have a web site and  many teachers putting there lesson plans online
  • there is some interest in easy to use  tools such as Wordle

Bit by bit we are moving forward.
Work with the living.
You can eat an entire elephant if you cut it into small enough pieces!

&  this from a wise  principal

What are the compelling reasons that teachers have to use technology?


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