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Active, engaged learning . . . always

Posted on: November 8, 2009

A photo of middle school age students wearing headphones, viewing action on a small screen and looking like they are having fun was haunting me.  I had to find it. I did!  I also found a photo of four students sitting at a media center table working with books and notebooks; in the background are other students with headsets and small screens.   The big deal?  The headphone had giant foam ear pieces, the plugs are 1/4″.  The small screen is an individual filmstrip viewer/cassette player and the photos were taken in 1971.

It doesn’t matter if the students were enjoying a recreational filmstrip about cars (I can still picture those boxed sets of books and filmstrips and cassettes) or viewing and listening to a story about Zeus. (I loved that collaborative mythology project with a language arts teacher).   What does matter is that the students enjoyed opportunities to experience multimedia in the media center, a relatively radical offering to many staff.   Thinking back, I know I’ve always felt things were right when the media center was full of varied activities appealing to a variety of student needs.  Those early risks and adventures influenced my interests in all of the opportunities that technology offers our students.   What  has influenced you?



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