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Becoming indispensable: labs in media centers, a natural fit

Posted on: May 21, 2010

A media specialist posting in a discussion group inquired about the benefits of making space in a media center for a computer lab.  It would mean seriously weeding and giving up space.   Yes, of course; Labs in media centers are a natural fit.  One media program — and of course our students– benefited from a small lab accessible from the media center and math classroom back in the days of Apple IIs.  (not even IIe’s).   My skills and interest in technology increased rapidly.  Those skills helped me land a new job and opportunity to move another program forward.  Our first lab was on a converted stage (the rest of the media center had been an auditorium). Kids and teachers did neat things.  Moving into a new century meant a long overdue new school with a state of the art media center that has 3 labs.  More recently another district school benefited from a new media center with 3 labs.   The students in those schools all have access to over 100 computers when they visit the media center.     Technology has changed; the need for access to information in multiple formats and productivity tools has increased.   Most media centers would be pretty quiet, unused places without labs or a adequate number of compuers.   Labs in media centers are a natural fit.  It’s a best practice.    Labs_in_Media_Centers_A_Natural_Fit


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