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Who’s using web 2.0?

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Mary Ann Bell hit the proverbial nail on the head in her July/August 2010 Belltones column about teacher use of web 2.0.  Where are the people who are doing all of the interesting things? Who are they?  Media specialists credit (blame) the lack of time, skills and technical restrictions or filtering on the limited  web 2.0 excitement in their schools.

But the early adapters are out there.  I’ve seen a few podcasts, wikis, and YouTube videos in my district.  Others love Skype, RSS.  A number of teachers have discovered that Google Docs is the best solution solve a multitude of problems ranging from home/school  file incompatibility to “I forgot my flash drive at home” excuses.

Folks who are using web 2.0 are self-starters learning on their own.   But, when introduced  to something that is both practical and fun,  the excitement is there and teachers want to continue if it will make their life easier.  There are still plenty of opportunities for media specialists to lead the way with staff development activities focusing on instructional and technological  innovations.  It’s best practice!

If media specialists don’t lead the way, who will?  It’s our job.   Learn more about getting started in Innovations and Opportunities for Media Specialists.    An opportunity to learn withand from other media specialists starts in late September.  Learn with media specialists just like you.


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