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What do you think about AnyThink?

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Recently I visited a new public library that represents another new way of thinking. Anythink Wright Farms is a part of the Rangeview Library District in suburban Denver. I first noticed the colorful flags in the parking lot that suggesting food, places, adventures, and more things to think about. Next I saw the drive-up book return with a service window. These signaled a new concept before I even entered the building and saw the self-serve pick up for holds, multiple self-check out stations and “service points ” for information guides. Materials on the most popular topics were front and center. Going further in the room I saw materials organized with the system’s WordThink Classification system—no Dewey numbers, but instead words and phrasing similar to those used in the bookstores. I visited the 7000 sq foot Children’s Experience Area, a huge teen section, a computer lab for classes and quiet work, classrooms, picnic area, a relaxation area and meeting rooms. This new public library was busy with patrons and families on a beautiful fall day. It is clearly patron friendly and welcoming. Would you like to work there? Job applicants for many positions need not have a library degree; bookstore experience is helpful if you would like to be a concierge, materials dispatcher, wrangler or sidekick. Wow! There is so much to think about.


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