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Gopher Servers, is email really slow? and other changes

Posted on: November 17, 2010

Yes, it’s always all about change for media specialists  and online instructors.  There is some discussion in blogs about the need to change how we do our state media conferences.   Change is good, new ways of reaching members and prospective members are needed, but I agree with Doug Johnson’s posting in his Blue Skunk Blog  Nov, 11, 2010 (A follow-up to the fading conferences post…). F2F is important, fun, and essential.

Menu for the U. of MN Gopher server

Menu for the U. of MN Gopher server

A lot of  tech changes made  the news today; Facebook is offering more services including email;   According to the Wall St. Journal, Facebook believes their services will be more fun and valuable.   Just yesterday I described Gopher servers and the early web to a University student; she couldn’t imagine such a thing.

Should I get a Nook? Sony-Reader or Kindle?  The discussions remind me of the Winnebago/Follett automation debates and decisions in the early 80’s.

Change is always with us.   Change is fun. Change keeps us on our toes.


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