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We never know our impact! A tale of wolves and cats

Posted on: November 23, 2010

The vet tech at a local vet clinic made my day!  I stopped in to buy my Siamese cat a Treat. He asked if I used to work in the media center at the middle school.  He said I  helped him and his friend with their report about wolves; the Internet was new to the school and had I showed them the International Wolf Center site. He did not find everything he wanted, but he remembered the experience to share it with me.  I remembered it, too, and remembered how much I enjoyed learning about that exciting web site, an early multimedia site with an educational and collaborative focus.

Cody liked the Wolf Center site, too. He and and his brother  came running into our home computer room with their ears perked up when we played the howls:)

We never know who we impact.
Who is introducing exciting new tools to students now that there are
fewer media specialist in schools?


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