Random Thoughts: Change, Primary Sources & Other Stuff

It’s all relative. . . remember the elephant!

Posted on: January 3, 2011

A new year; a new batch of resolutions about all the new things we will learn about technology and web 2.0.

We media specialists seem to do a pretty good job of being hard on ourselves for the things we don’t get done or the things we don’t learn.  I’ve been struggling with Dreamweaver .css and smiling about using Google Docs forms to create a survey.   It was so easy it almost wasn’t fun

It’s all relative.  One media specialist wrote,

I have many feelings of inadequacy. In some districts I was really tech savvy and then in others I was way behind everyone else. I always feel like I’m treading water with technology. I love what it does and I want to learn more, but I find there are usually few opportunities for this.

There is always someone who is a step ahead, and always someone a step behind.   Become the person who feels like you are a step ahead by:

  • Learn how to do one new thing each month
  • Keep a list of what you’ve learned and can do
  • Take a fresh look at something you were unsuccessful with; time to digest might be all that’s needed
  • Teach one other person the same thing; teaching others is always one of the best ways to learn
  • Use your expertise to provide real staff development for the staff in your school
  • You can eat an entire elephant if you cut it into small enough pieces


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