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Wandering why. . . .?

Posted on: May 5, 2011

Why are media specialists still closing media centers at the end of the year for inventory? Automation systems and better yet — hand held PDA’s make it an unnecessary and outdated practice.  What message does this send to students who want to read?  What message does it send to  decision makers who are eliminating media positions at a rapid rate.    Yes, inventory is needed now and then. Use  the hand-held to inventory what is necessary as time allows.   Keeping the media center open is a PR no-brainer.  Make it a best practice.

Why do I hear so much about smart boards used primarily as projection screens? Why is more attention not paid to getting technology into the hands of the students.  Scottish educator Fraser Speirs has a lot of interesting things to say about this in his blog,

Next, the interactive whiteboard. Never has so much money been spent so indiscriminately to so little effect as has been spent on interactive whiteboards across education. IWBs are pure skeuomorphism – a digital blackboard – intended to “increase the use of technology in the classroom” without changing classroom practice. We bought them, mostly, just because every other school was buying them and well the entire country can’t be wrong, right? . . . . read more in his March 24 post, The Next-Generation Classroom AV System


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