Random Thoughts: Change, Primary Sources & Other Stuff

It’s all relative . . . and Julie Greller’s “not to be missed” Media Specialists Guide to the Internet

Posted on: September 26, 2011

” Mary Alice can do the e-newsletter; she has the tech skills; She got us all using Google Docs. ”  It’s fun to be recognized for my tech skills and glad to put them to use in many ways.  But. . . .it’s all relative!  

Someone always knows and can do more than us; someone always knows and can do less.   Working as a school media specialist and being “there” when technology first arrived has served me well. Tech  skills are valuable in my “new job” teaching online classes and volunteering with community organizations!   There is always something new to learn and do!  I just learned how to use a  cash register computer system! That was a completely new experience; my “built-in” transferable tech skills made it easy!   (Helping students acquire — and use– transferable skills is one of the most important things media specialists can do is help students learn!)

There will always be tech changes to cope with, learn from, and growth with.   Change and learning never stop.  We sometimes learn from situations we least expect to!   It’s all relative and that’s good to remember  if we feel overwhelmed  or  think “I’ll never need/do this.”

A top-notch resource for helping us know how is  A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Interne   New Jersey media specialist Julie Greller helps us learn with her  collections of links and notes about a wide array of web 2.0 tools and useful resources for educators.     Don’t miss her extensive and thoughtful collection of resources.


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