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Horns, Wrinkles and One-Shot Kelley

Posted on: October 7, 2011

I remember being all dressed up in my angel wings for a school pageant and in come’ One Shot; he got our attention took his photo and was on his way.”   Kathy Greden, Winona Photographer
Friends and I had fun remembering One Shot’s Friday night appearances at area basketball games.
He came in wearing with his wool coat and  fedora, pipe in his mouth; took a picture using flash bulbs and went on his way to the next town.
People  are enjoying enjoy photos taken by One-Shot and his sister at the Winona County History Center. There are lots of smiles as people recall One-Shot’s Columbo like appearance and share memories of recent decades.
Minnesota author Joseph Helgerson remembered One-Shot, too.  One-Shot, also known as Merritt Kelley, makes a cameo appearance in Horns & Wrinkles, Helgerson’s fantasy adventure set in a river town, aka Winona.  It seems that trolls are inhabiting the area under the bridge. . . .My friend’s third grade students love the book.

Primary sources are right around the corner ready for us to enjoy.  They can help us teach local history, add to the enjoyment of children’s literature,  or help students acquire  digital and media literacy.

What’s in your backyard?   Teaching with Primary Sources


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