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Charley Goddard & Company K: Resources

Posted on: October 30, 2011

Looking for more information about Charley Goddard and Company K in the Civil War?
Charley, the young soldier in Gary Paulsen’s young adult novel A Soldier’s Heart  is mentioned in an August post,  Music and letters connect us with the Civil War.   Here are more resources about Charley and the Minnesota 1st regiment.

Sergeant Buckman’s Diary; First Minnesota at the Battle of Gettysburg is not specifically about Charley Goddard, but is about the Minnesota regiment Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 30, 2013. 

Winona County Historical Society
Company K, A Civil War Journal, Minnesota 1st Volunteer Regiment
Letters, diaries, newspapers, regiment roster, and more primary sources.

Christmas, 1852. Winona’s Early History (Winona County History Center)

Winona’s Early History.  The Pioneer Settlers section has information about Catherine Goddard Smith, Charley’s mother, and his friend Charles Ely.

Library of Congress American Memory Collections
Civil War Photos, Brady Collection.  Subject: Minnesota troops
Pioneering the Upper Midwest:
   Keyword:   Christmas in Early Winona.
Read about an 1852  Christmas dinner at a Winona home and a unique menu item!

Teaching with Primary Sources
, an online class for teachers of all content areas begins January 2012.  Students comments.

Register Online: http://www.uwstout.edu/soe/profdev/register.cfm


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