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A Mine, Buses, & Bob

Posted on: November 8, 2011

One more travel adventures post with a local history theme!

Our visit to Hibbing was a pleasant surprise.  We discovered a lovely city and enjoyed visiting variety of interesting sites.

The Hull Rust Mahoning Mine, is the largest open pit operational mine in the world and nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the North.” We climbed aboard equipment in a pretty park at the overlook and saw other equipment in action below the overlook.

Stop #2 was the Greyhound Bus Museum which has historical buses on display along with a terminal replica and many artifacts. I was especially  interested in the museum because my uncle drove for greyhound after World War II until the 1970’s.  Family members contributed career artifacts to the museum.  The Branding of America,  a Library of Congress Teachers’ Page Activity features  Greyhound as an iconic Minnesota brand. Visit Branding to learn how Greyhound got it’s start.

Hibbing High School was built in 1922 when Oliver Mining Company relocated the city of Hibbing.  Bob Dylan’s alma mater features  marble steps, chandeliers, a rare pipe organ, and ornate ceilings. The piano Dylan played is still used. The Hibbing Public Library has a Dylan Collection.

Primary sources are all around us! What’s in your backyard? Teaching with Primary Sources, Digital Media Literacy in the Content Areas starts Jan.23.


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