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Pizza at a former blacksmith shop; remembering Great-Grandpa

Posted on: November 20, 2011

Benz and Einhorn, Blacksmith Shop

William Benz and Henry Einhorn visit at the Benz Blacksmith Shop. Winona Republican Herald, April 5, 1954

An evening out for pizza at a former blacksmith shop (the buildings limestone shell was built in 1857) got me thinking about a newspaper photo of my great-grandfather, Henry Einhorn, visiting with blacksmith William Benz. Located on Winona’s east end, Benz Blacksmith was Winona’s last surviving blacksmith shop.

The April 5, 1954 Winona Republican Herald said a Benz worked in the shop for 84 years;  blacksmiths who once shod horses and oxen now worked with plows. William Benz spent much of his time with his old crony, Henry Einhorn. The decaying building was torn down in 1957 and the equipment was sold. A replica of the shop and the photo are displayed in the Winona County History Center.  It’s one of my favorite exhibits!  The 1954 newspaper article and photo are digitized in the  Winona Newspaper Project. Select the image on the left to view the full article.

Looking for newspaper articles about your community?   Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers  is a good place to start.  What primary sources are part of your story?

Online course: Teaching with Primary Sources, Digital Media Literacy in the Content Areas .


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