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TIES 2011

Posted on: December 14, 2011

It’s Personal! Transforming Pedagogy with Technology was the theme of this year’s very well attended annual TIES technology conference.   As always I  came home with new resources and ideas to incorporate in online courses.

Web Tools for Grades 4-8 In-Depth Inquiry captured my attention; two teachers shared easy to implement ideas such as  using Todaysmeet.com and primary sources to encourage engaged, thinking discussion.

I was excited by a first grade teacher’s creative and helpful classroom blog.  Tom Deris shared great suggestions for successfully communicating with families.

Jen Legatt from Farmington and I shared the MN Teacher Loop Resource Center.   MN Loop is a searchable database of over 9000 resources aligned with MN content standards, NET-S Technology Standards, MEMO information and Technology Literacy Standards, and the Common Core Standards.  Educators liked the standards alignment.

Keeping up, keeping it personal —  Ipads, eReaders and smart phones were everywhere!  The former email stations available for attendees are now charging stations. Its fun to see the changes each year.  As always, connecting with friends and colleagues, making new friends and meeting an online student in person was the conference highlight.

Mary Alice and Kellie


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