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Window displays and an old shoebox

Posted on: January 26, 2012

Dayton's Box CoverLike many folks I’ve been cleaning out stuff. I came across an old shoebox from Dayton’s Department Store which naturally led to remembering what it used to be like shopping in a big downtown Department Store. The shoebox is old &  it’s battered.  I think I’ll keep it.

Target Corporation paid tribute to the downtown Minneapolis Dayton’s with a slide show of window displays depicting designer fashion from the early 1900’s until  the 60’s. It’s a fun resource for the ever-popular decades projects.  From the Vault: A Window into Dayton’s Displays

The American Memory Collections have an abundance of  catalogs, advertisements and documents.  Enter “department stores” in the search box; you’ll discover thousands of treasures including  photos of department stories in many cities.  The first document on the list is a facsimile of  Edward Filene’s  prediction in 1927 about the decline of individual department stores and the rise of chains.
Learn more about using primary sources.

The present status and future prospects of chains of department stores, by Edward A. Filene ... an address delivered before the American economic association, Wash. D.C., Dec.27, 1927.


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