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I’ll get a Doodle out on it. . . .

Posted on: October 15, 2012

Frustrated by endless email threads that result from even the simplistic scheduling process?  Finding a meeting time for as few as three people can be more work than it should be. It gets worse if phone tag is part of the problem.  As several of us often do, send a Doodle!

Doodle’s Scheduling option makes setting a meeting time as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Log in to your free account
  2. Enter a list of options,
  3. Send a password free email to colleagues or friends

Recipients need only select the link and check the times the work.   You, the originator of the invitation, can view results in a convenient visual format and announce the meeting date.   If 5 of 6 people are available at 10:00 Tuesday that’s when you meet!

Need to schedule a group of volunteers?  Enter the time slots and job descriptions; send the link to the group, asking them to indicate their choice and add an optional comment.

Doodle is efficient for planning large group or classroom activities.  Teachers who give students a choice of project options can ask students to check their choice from a list.  The choices can be limited to one or several participants.

Doodle Poll is free and practical.  Make a Choice and MeetMe Requests are other options.  The premium version includes additional options such as email reminders.
Check it out at Doodle.Com to see what else you can do.
You really will wonder how you got along without Doodle!!


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