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Where can I find information about Charley Goddard from Minnesota?

Posted on: March 25, 2013

Where can I find information about. . .?      civilwarmonumnet

The First Minnesota Volunteers
Company K
Photos of Charley Goddard’s mother and brother
Charley Goddard Biography
Battle of Gettysburg primary sources
Charley Goddard letters
Charley Goddard 15 years old
Charles Goddard
Old Abe

It looks like middle level students are reading Gary Paulsen’s young adult novel Soldiers Heart; at least that’s what the search term log suggests. This post suggests resources for students and teachers who are looking for the background and historical information behind the novel. Some of these were cited in an earlier post.

Catherine Goddard SmithThe real-life Charles Goddard  lived in Winona, Minnesota, served with Company K of the 1st  Minnesota Volunteer Regiment, and fought at Gettysburg.   Regiment casualties were high and many Winona County soldiers lost their lives.  Charles survived the battle and returned to Winona.  He died in 1867 at age 24.  The Goddard family name appears often in accounts of early Winona.

What about  Old Abe?  Was he in Company K? This gallant eagle was from our neighboring State of Wisconsin, but he also served in the Battle of Gettysburg!

Photos: Civil War Memorial, Winona Veterans Memorial Park; Catherine Goddard Smith

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