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Media Center Design Principles Worth Fighting For

Posted on: September 25, 2015

WMS_entrance“It’s been such a good thing for the school!” The comment from Julie, a parent involved in planning a new high school media center implemented a decade ago, summed it up well. Yes, it was and still is a good thing. And for me, it was one of several media-center-planning experiences. But what would I do now? Are the media centers we were proud of that many years ago still adequate and functional?

Planning was once relatively prescriptive. We considered the number of square feet needed per student; shelving for books and magazines; designated spots for circulation, reference, conference rooms, storage, and perhaps for some, a video production studio; a teaching classroom; soft seating; and, by the early 1980s, computer labs. Within a few years, school-wide internet access and wireless technology added further complexity to the decision making. The challenge of making good decisions about facilities continues to evolve.

Perennial design questions, Internet@Schools, Sept/Oct 2015)

Facilities: Designing School Media Centers, A collection of article

New article of interest:  From Library Media Center to MEDIAPLEX, School Library Connection, October 2015.  The article by Diane Rupertand Michael McCullough describes on an interesting approach to a remoded, some new concepts and challenges two to high school media specialists.


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