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I just wanted to thank you for your article in this months Internet @ Schools, “Questions, Musings, and Other Things On My Mind.” It was fantastic and I couldn’t agree with you more about what you said about library media specialists and our jobs. I have been the LMS at my school for two years now and feel that libraries in schools are vital to the life of our schools. Though we have clerical duties as you pointed out in the article, our main focus should be on the students and staff in this building—helping them. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Kimmie Vogt, Library Media Specialist, Hastings Middle School  In response to:On My Mind! The NEW MEDIA CENTER, Internet @ Schools, Dec/Nov. 2013

Collaboration and Curriculum

Ten Titles for Your Professional Growth and Collection, May/June 2014

Not Just for History: Primary Sources in the and Science and Health Classroom, Jan/Feb 2014

Noodling Around in the New Noodle Tools

What Happened On Your Birthday?

Google Literacy Lesson Plans:Way Beyond ‘Just Google it

What is it about the Oregon Trail?

Technology_P’s (pre-published ver)

Geocaching for fun and learning

Promoting Reading in the Age of Technology

Authentic Technology-Based Activities in the Era of NCLB

The Evolution of a Teacher

The Evolution of a Unit

Collaboration Beyond the Core

The Many Faces of Collaboration

Media Center Management

What Happens when Media Positions are Cut? Library Media Connection,May/June, 2011, V29 No6, p16-18 3p. Reproduced with permission of ABC-CLIO, LLC.

Why are Media Positions Cut? How not to survive

Scheduling Tools:Meeting Mania or Mayhem? Free Web 2.0 Scheduling Software can Help

Technology Management: Daily Realities.Lingering Concerns

Subscription Databases in the Age of the Internet

The NEW_Media_Specialist

Data Gathering: Why You Need the Numbers … and What You Can Do With Them

Data Gathering: Developing Your Spreadsheet

It’s in the Procedures Book

Weeding: From Alphabet Books to Zip Drives

The Changing Face of Reference

From Catalog to CataBLOG

Computer Labs and Media Centers


Staff Development

Real Staff Development and YOU! June/July 2011

Compiling a Profile of Staff Skills

Staff Development: Your Most Important Role

Assessing Teacher Technology Skills Staff Development: Bubbly, Sideways, Chaotic (1998)

Staff Development: From Theory to Practice

Planning Summer Technology Academies for Staff

Creating Tech Savvy Teachers

Jump Starting Staff Development

The Value of Staff Development

Creating Your Tech Contact Team


Expectations: Building Partnerships with Principals

Advocacy in Action

Visibility in the Community

Your Media Center’s Web Site: Advocacy Tool

Yes! You Should Create a Portfolio!

Working Retired / Online Teaching & Learning

What’s it like to Teach an Online Class?

What’s It Like to Take an Online Class?

Working Retired: Part 1, Refocused & Recharged

Working Retired: Part 2, Building a Bridge to Retirement

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Primary Sources and Facilities Design

The Power of Primary Sources (a series of articles)

Facilities (A series of articles on media center design)

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