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I’m back  to attempt another go-around of 23 things.    I just viewed  the clip by the author of Here comes everybody, a book that’s been on my ” to read” list for a while.   Some of the “things” I first explored a year ago are now routine–Delicious, Picture Trail, and Google Docs, especially.   Flicks we make with Picture Trail are receiving rave response on our school web site.  A teacher at our high school routinely has his students use Google Docs. At least a third of my online students have started blogs for their reflections, a higher percentage than I expected or saw a year ago.   I’ve explored and added content to some wikis.  A new tool I discovered is MyWebspiration, an online beta version of Inspiration.  It makes a lot of sense, is easy to use and I look forward to seeing more.  Stay tuned.

Delicious was on my “to learn” list for far too long; it was one of the motivating factors for my participation in “23 things!” I desperately needed a way to better manage all the wonderful ideas I’m acquiring for teaching and writing. It was a bit of a surprise-and humbling– to see that I’d been tagged and bookmarked by others. . . now the challenge is thinking of the appropriate tags and remembering how to spell delicious.


I was so inspired by Leanna’s photo carousel (Learning 23 Things blog) I just had to try a photo carousel of my own using photos of WSU basketball games. Learning principle applied: We’re motivated to learn when it’s a topic we’re interested in!

I’m meeting my original goal–getting my feet wet, picking up some new ideas for online teaching and trying to figure out which options are the most workable both for me and busy adult students. As I explored the 23 Things on a Stick Wiki I noticed the value of transferrable skills and how the editing feature looked just like what I use in Desire2Learn. The Sandbox wasn’t as user friendly.

The potential for creating wonderful collaborative environments in our schools is tremendous. What staff development opportunities are school media specialists providing to help teachers?

A thought: Will our young students soon think that wikis, blogs and other Web 2.0 tools that we are learning are BORING. What will be next for them?

Now this is practical — and doable, even though I had to set up another account. At least it’s an account at a site I visit often! I am inspired to use Google Docs for planning our summer tech academy in the district. A great opportunity to model!

The IN place to beA welcoming environment

This could be fun!

Do people trade them virtually?

What a cool way to add some pizazz to our web pages and get students involved.
Toon Doo could provide a wealth of ideas for our art classes.

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