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~ Facilities: Designing school library media centers

These experience based articles were originally published in Multimedia & Internet @ Schools or Library Media Connection 2001-2017.  All are available  through EBSCO databases or archived:  Internet@ Schools Media Center Columns

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER–Integrating Technology Then … And Now: From Computer Lab to Design Flexibility (Internet@Schools, March/April 2017)

Media Center Design Principles Worth Fighting For, Internet@Schools, Sept/Oct 2015.  Photos below illustrate some of the concepts.

Design Concepts for the Next Gen Media Center
Fighting the Good Fight, Designing a Media Center 
A New School for a New Century

Moving a Boatload

The New Media Center:  A 9+, not a 10!

Got a New Media Center in Your Future?

From Makeshift to Wow

Computer Labs in Media Centers: A Natural Fit

 A welcoming entrance and large windows bring natural light into a media center located in the center of the school. (2002)


 A large information/circulation desk provides good supervision and makes it easy to assist students in computer labs on either side of the staff area or at the nearby”drop-in” computers (2002)WMS_good_supervisionWMS_Lab_group
Cabinets in two technology labs are used to store resources, supplies, and student projects. The U-shaped lab is arranged conveniently for instruction, individual assistance and moving throughout.  A staff work area is visible from the information/circulation desk and also accessible from the hall.  The well used space is also helps media staff connect with and assist staff.  (2002)


 WMS_catsearchingWMS_NOOK_scannerareaStand-up OPACS are scattered throughout the media center. A nook includes multimedia work stations and access to a conference room. The media center computers and soft seating throughout, a multipurpose room, large storage area and multipurpose room.(2002)
 WK_angled_entranceAn angled entrance to an elementary media center provides quick access to each area of the media center including a staff and student conference room, and lab.  Comfortable furniture and art work welcome students to the all new media center in an older building.  Unique features such as wood storage cabinets and large windows were kept intact and add architectural interest. (2007)
 WSHS_greatview WSHS_view_bistro_tablesBistro tables, expansive south windows, and comfortable chairs are key features of a favorite area in a high school media center Winona Sr. High Media Center Lakeview Laboverlooking a lake and hills.  The media center has two technology labs visible from the circulation/information desk and a large multipurpose room. The classroom style arrangement is less convenient for instruction and collaboration than the U- shaped arrangement in other schools.  (2006)
 Central__lab centrallab2A U-shaped lab with work spaces for teachers and staff is conducive to teaching and collaboration.  It is just a few steps away from the circulation area.  The media center is a reconfiguration of classrooms in a 100 student elementary school. (2008)

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