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It’s working! Students at an elementary school and our high school are enrolling their fingers in the biometric system for media center checkout and school nutrition services! A few senior high students protested; most are eager and enjoying the experience as are many teachers. We have learned to use the proper teminology –Finger ID–Stay tuned as we progress!


Some of the best lessons are those spur of the moment, just for fun lessons that really get kids involved and thinking. As a 4th grade class was beginning to identify topics and resources for their annual rainforest Research/Powerpoint projects they watched the amazing BBC Documentary about flying penguins who fly from Antartica to the rainforest.

They shared what they saw and answered the question, “Why did we look at this?” They got it! A perfect lesson for introducing kids to age appropriate resources and the potential pitfalls of Internet research.

3rd grade students began the process of enrolling their fingers in a biometric check-out system. They are so excited!

Biometrics! I have no idea how many schools are using biometric systems for student identification–it looks like we are about to embark on a pilot project for school nutrition services and media center checkout at one small elementary school and our large high school. The amazing thing was how quickly people approved of the idea and how many other uses they thought of! The possibilities for efficiencies, standardization, and freeing staff from some moderately time-consuming tasks are huge. Stay-tuned as I embark on another pilot project will keep me on my toes and add something new to the ever-changing field of school media. We will be working with Finger ID, http://www.fingerid.net/.

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