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I’m inspired again.  A group of us paticipated in a webinar about Kidspiration 3.0 so that we could have a common vision about the possibilities.   It was interesting to learn that in one school district Inspiration was first used by School board members to develop flow-charts. The Board members are now using Inspire Data to look at District Data.  Students are using Inspire Data to look at their own data.


I received this email from a math teacher who is using Inspire Data.   I’m thrilled to see such excitement and SUCCESS on day 8 of a very, very hectic new school year. (new computers, new software, new media center COMMOTION and excitement everywhere):

Oh my gosh! [social studies teacher] and I were very impressed today with the slide shows that have been made with Inspire Data in our Chall Econ/stats class.

 If you have some time tomorrow or Friday (1st period), come in and see what the kids have done. (We will have presentations at the beginning of each day.)  We think that you will be impressed, too.

It was impressive to see the students present their first visualizations and analyize the data!  The students were engaged.

It’s quite exciting, actually, to learn more ideas for email’s expanded potential for connecting with media center patrons. But as one of my online students so nicely stated, we have filtered and policied out so much of what our patrons would relate to and could easily connect with.

Webinars are a fantastic tool; our participation in the recent Inspire Data webinar generated a high level of interest. Downside: the computer in our conference room wouldn’t accommodate the conferencing software; the phone by a computer that would wasn’t a speaker phone.

I’m planning to arrange a webinar for our elementary software selection committee–slight problem; there is not a speaker phone in the lab — perhaps we will be a passive audience.

This has gotten me thinking about another consideration for planning media centers and labs: The new conference/collaborative group work room in new elementary media center MUST have a good computer and speaker phone. I envision the room being a central meeting place for future small group training sessions and meeting spaces for teachers from all over the district–and a neat spot for some great student experiences.

Webinars are provideaccess to training we might not otherwise attend; the downside for K-12 folks is the difficulty in finding a chunk of time to set aside for full participation in sessions on some of the topics we should know more about. Would be great to involve teachers in some of the MINITEX webinars, but it would be even more difficult for them to find the time. . .

Good old email. I couldn’t do my job without it; yet I believe face-to-face and a piece of paper are needed more than they are used.

Earlier I wrote about the possibilities of Inspire Data. Today 3 teachers, a student teacher, another media specialist and I attended an Inspired Data webinar ; the interest and excitement was very visible during the hour-long session.

“That’s really cool”


“Real time-data” ”

“Impressive” ”

“Pretty neat”

“I can use this NOW”

“Awesome” and “there are so many uses for this!” were just a few of the comments!

It appears to be the perfect tool for teaching data literacy, 21st Century Skills, engaging students and promoting interdisciplinary learning!

We’re Inspired!

Today I tackled Inspire Data so I can introduce it to a math teacher who will be co-teaching a new class. I played with the templates, looked at the possibilities– and had an “ahhhhh” moment when I discovered the database for baseball statistics. Within seconds I had the latest stats on the WSU basketball category leaders and minutes later a series of visual representations on 3 point attempts, 3 points made, field goal attempts, and field goals made– all those things that only a person who likes both data and technology might like. Inspire Data looks like a perfect tool for engaging learners in an exciting and visual way.

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