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Sometimes there’s no better way to learn about something than to just simply dig in, explore and then share what you learned with others.  I spent a few winter days exploring Noodle Tools new citation and literacy features in order to help others learn about this comprehensive package.   It was a fun and very interesting experience.  It was great discovering how Google Docs and Noodle Tools are integrated into one logical package. A just published Internet@ Schools article,  Noodling around in the New Noodle Tools  will be helpful for media specialists considering an upgrade or acquiring a citation and information literacy tool.



Citing sources is often challenging for students young and also for those not so young.  The challenge is greater with the expanding variety of digital resources.  Noodle Tools’  newest update  provides a solution with a more dynamic and flexible citation tool.  A few of the many new features are citation options for different ages of students  (starter – college), larger fonts for younger students, help in determining what the source is, just in time help visible as you work through each field,  ability to copy/paste a preformatted citation, and citing an online page as it exists on a given day as well as web 2.0 resources like Twitter or blogs. Users can also cite legal documents and other “non-traditional”  formats.  A student who starts a citation thinking the source is a web site but learns its a blog can switch during the process. Citations are also connected closely with source evaluation. The June 25 release is Ipad accessible and integrated with World Cat. Teachers will love the ability to view URLs  in  a citation form to recheck a student’s work.
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May 2013 update:  Noodling around in the New Noodle Tools, Internet at Schools,  MayJune 2013.

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