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No, I’m not sending a tweet.  Many years ago a school superintendent spoke at our state media conference.  A few words stuck with me:

When people see you checking out books and doing clerical tasks they think that’s what a media specialist does.

Today’s version:  An administrator asked a media specialist this question:

How will you use your time If you don’t do tech support and software installations?

What are you doing? How are you spending your time?  Most importantly (and, yes, we all know these clerical and technical jobs need to be done), what do people see you doing?


How’s “your’ media center web site doing these days? Is it  a “Let’s stop here first” shopping center for information? Is it current? Or, has it been left behind as you move forward with nings, Twitter, blogs, wikis or other web 2.0 tools are there for us to use? Or, worse yet, have district policies and limited access prevented you from doing anything? Whatever the tool, a web presence is essential for advocacy, visibility and information access.  I’ve tweaked some handouts used at conference workshops I’ve given on why media center websites are essential. The forms are here to help you plan. A presentation created for workshops in Kentucky and South Dakota is also included.    No web site yet?  Too many issues to deal with?   The University of Wisconsin-Stout Innovations and Opportunities for Media Specialist class beginning Sept. 28 will help you get going! Create a web site for your class project!

Form_barriers (A brainstorming form to think about perceived and real barriers to creating a web site)

Form_audience_needs (A tool to help you think who will use the media center’s web site)

Essential_Components (A list of key ingredients to help you plan what to include on the web site)

Web_site_workshop_ (PowerPoint)

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